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Why are our fees so reasonable?

A prospective client came to see us last week. We were recommended by one of our existing clients.

I led him to our purpose built home office, where one of our bookkeepers was also working at the time.

As I went through everything, he confirmed that he would like me to take over the tax returns for both himself and his wife. He also has another business, a partnership, and he wanted to pass the accounts onto us.

His next question was, “I’m not being funny, but why are your fees so reasonable?” I explained that we have minimal office overheads, which allows us to pass the savings directly onto our clients.

I asked him why he was moving from his previous accountant. He told me that he sees someone different every time he visits them, has no business relationship with them, and no one returns his calls.

Our quoted fixed fees were a third of what he was previously paying. He was pretty happy and has recommended us to two other businesses already!

We don’t pay thousands of pounds a year for office rent, rates and associated costs, and we don’t charge you for them! We offer a proactive and professional service at a competitive price without compromise on quality or service.

Please see out testimonials to see the personal service we offer, and our price list to find out how much we can save you 01277 633383

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