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Renew your tax credits by 31st July

How to renew your tax credits


You usually need to renew your tax credits once a year.

You should have got your renewal pack by 30 June. If you haven’t got your pack, call the Tax Credit Helpline.

You can’t renew your tax credits until you get your renewal pack.

If you claimed tax credits after 6 April, your renewal pack is usually sent the following year.

Your pack tells you how to renew your tax credits - online, by post or by phone.

Renewal deadline

The deadline is 31 July unless your renewal pack gives you a different deadline.

If you miss the deadline your tax credits payments will stop and you’ll be sent a summary. Your tax credits claim will end 30 days after you’re sent the summary if you don’t send your renewal.

Renew online

You can renew your tax credits online if you’ve received a renewal pack with both:

  • an ‘annual review’ with code TC 603 R

  • an ‘annual declaration’ with code TC 603 D

Contact the Tax Credit Helpline if you only received an ‘annual review’ with code ‘TC 603 R’ and you need to report a change or a mistake on the form

You must renew by phone or by post if your annual declaration has the code ‘TC 603 D 2’

Renew by post

Send your form to:

HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credits Comben House Farriers Way Netherton L75 1WB

Renew by phone

Call the Tax Credit Helpline.

What you need

You’ll need:

  • your renewal pack

  • your National Insurance number

  • details about any changes to your circumstances

  • your total income (including your partner’s) for the last tax year

  • telephone renewals only - your Tax Credit Helpline password (if you have one)

  • online renewals only - the 15 digit number on the bottom right of your annual declaration

After you’ve renewed

The Tax Credit Office will send you an award notice within 8 weeks of receiving your renewal, telling you how much you’ll get.

Automatic renewal

If you only get a form with the code ‘TC 603 R’ your tax credits will be renewed automatically. Check the form carefully to make sure your details are correct.

Call the Tax Credit Helpline if there’s a mistake or you have changes to report.

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